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Actional insights to unlock spend value

A new approach combining service and software, Spend Intelligence by McKinsey elevates the focus of spend analytics, creating actionable insights to guide procurement strategy development and execution.

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Data Categorizer

Improved data quality and data transparency

Perfect data quality lays the foundation for successful spend controls

Wouldn’t it be great to have instant access to current, valid, reliable numbers or to know the bundled spend volume for individual suppliers and categories – across all business departments and subsidiaries? Our software provides the transparency and reliable numbers that you need to make that dream a reality

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Spend Control

The next generation of Spend Analysis software

SpendControl is a comprehensive software designed to provide a platform for significant cost savings through automated procurement analytics and spend management. Our software encompasses KPIs, analytical metrics and other key features needed for optimization of professional procurement management

Easy integration of procurement data from any ERP-system (e.g. SAP, Navision, Oracle, etc.) within spend cube matrices is achieved via proven interfaces

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Category Analytics

Full transparency into spend categories.

The Category Analytics Solution platform provides a central location for users to perform complex calculations and advanced analytics on their company’s spend data at a transactional level. By automating much of the savings identification process and applying powerful analytics to a company’s entire transactional data set, CAS frees up time for category managers to uncover new insights and take immediate action.

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Tailored Analytics

Automation of Savings Analysis

AI-based AnalysisBOT technology is used to automate and simplify Spend & Procurement Analysis

Orpheus AnalysisBOTs automate many routine (analysis) tasks for today’s busy lead buyers and category managers. The software automatically analyzes data and suggests “alert-relevant” KPI & data pattern, untapped potential or outliers in data. AnalysisBOTs free up capacities so that procurement managers can focus on their strategic core tasks and leverage added potential

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Impact Tracker

Plan, forecast, and measure initiatives

InitiativeTracker is a highly specialized software for planning, steering and monitoring your procurement projects and activities. The savings achieved by the initiatives can be measured and documented through the software

Using InitiativeTracker, you can keep track of all saving initiatives and view the degree of target achievements in real-time

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